Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Computer Issues

Sorry to disappoint those who have been looking for the glamping pictures from last week.  I couldn’t download the pictures from my camera.  So I went out a got a new sim card, it didn’t make any difference.  My computer doesn’t seem to recognize my device.  Dropbox will pop up but not my windows pictures.  Ugh. 

I will head out and get a new device and see if that helps…sorry for the wait.




Have a great day.


  1. Sorry for the problems connecting to the computer with your camera. Hope the photos remain and you can correct the problem my friend.

  2. Sorry for the problems. Maybe you just need to download the driver for the camera. Maybe it has changed.

    1. It appears to be some kind of take over where another program wanted to download my pics but at any rate got my computer guy on it.

  3. The important thing is that you had a good time...

  4. my 'computer guy' always asks... "What did you DO!"... I think my computer hick-ups just to make me look Blond! lol!

  5. Oh no, I do hope you're able to get it resolved soon. I'm sure you had such a good time and I'll be looking forward to seeing all your pictures.


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