Thursday, May 8, 2014

Swiftwater RV on The Salmon River

Swiftwater 022   


I’ve been trying to post pictures from my trip to White Bird, ID since Monday.  It’s not going to happen until mid week, next week.  I have a computer virus and my ‘geek’ can’t be here until Tuesday…sure hope he can fix it. 


Swiftwater 021


I hope you can settle for some pictures from last Spring.


 Swiftwater 032


Love this name!!


 Swiftwater 029


These sisters are so imaginative…love their paint jobs.


 Swiftwater 014


Wish I had pictures of this one on the inside, I will remedy that in four weeks, I promise!  It will be at Farm Chicks. 


Swiftwater 028


I almost hate to share this gorgeous site on the Salmon River, I would love to keep it to myself!  It is just so lovely. 


Swiftwater 013


Just enough room.  You would be surprised. 


Swiftwater 015


Hope this got your curious eyes settled for a bit.  I will be back with more from last weekend soon.  Sorry for the wait.


 Swiftwater 027



  1. I love a trailer show any day!!. Yes this is exactly where I was just before you all arrived.... wish I could have stayed but I will see you at Farm Chicks....

    1. Awesome! Isn't Anna the sweetest? It's such a lovely spot. Does this mean you are staying at Riverside? Hope so..

  2. Love the river & the trailers. Sorry about the computer virus....happens to most of us.


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