Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Vintage Trailers in Idaho

debbie's 190


Who has more fun than anyone?  We do….this is actually the motto for The Sisters on the Fly and we lived up to it this three day weekend in Southern Idaho.

 debbie's 008


We stayed at Debbie’s beautiful home with several large ponds and a nursery.  It was divine.


debbie's 043



debbie's 015


Beautiful views all around. 


debbie's 107


Our vintage trailers look so good together!


debbie's 091 


Wonderful campfires. 


debbie's 010


A fabulous view.


debbie's 111


This was a new trailer for one of our sisters and we all loved how big it was inside.


 debbie's 178

Flowers are always a must. 


debbie's 185



debbie's 186


I just love the green, so refreshing!


 debbie's 189


I love the beautiful artwork, Juli, created on the embroidered seasons pillow.  So creative!


I’ll be back soon with more pictures. 




  1. Everything looks so lovely. The inside to that trailer is perfect, especially those pillows!

  2. I would love to know where Juli found the embroidery patterns!

    1. She created them herself....isn't she talented!

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  4. The seasons embroidery pillow is absolutely adorable! Tell Juli that she needs to sell her pillows so all of our "baby trailers" can look cute too!! :)

  5. The season embroidery pillow is adorable! Tell Julie she needs to sell some of her creations so all of our "baby trailers" can also look so cute!! :)

  6. Love your motto! I can see why you always have the best of times. That embroidered pillow is the cutest I've ever seen.

  7. Every camper should have a set of those pillows, they are adorable.

  8. Oh Karen,,, I luv "seeing" through your eyes...

  9. The little pillow is available from a company called Natural Life, naturallife.com. I made the larger pillow…have made a couple for friends--the embroidery takes about 40 hours to do, so even at minimum wage, too costly to sell, LOL!

    1. How about making the pattern available for sale??? I would love to make this and would be happy to purchase the pattern from you.

    2. This is not my pattern. If you look to the comment above yours it tells the company that sells this pattern. Happy Stitching.

  10. Looks like you had a wonderful time in a heavenly spot.

  11. Love the pillows and the little trailer in the first picture..Pretty spot..

  12. Adorable. Love the pillows but I also love that beautiful spot.


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