Monday, August 18, 2014

I Just Had to Get …

yard 001


out into the garden.


yard 022


It’s been a long time coming….I have been on the road with my trailer most of the summer.  Sometimes I miss this place but most of the time…not.


yard 005


Right now, I miss my sweet vintage trailer, Driving Ms. Daisy…she is getting some much needed rehab.  I hope she will be back by the first week of September, as I am to head over to Wenatchee for a Sisters on the Fly meetup.  Not having her around has really made me realize, how much I love camping and all my sisters!  I just can’t imagine not doing this!




  1. Well, you really do have a beautiful spot there. Deb

  2. I sure hope she makes it back in time! I'm waiting until after my last outing in October and then mine goes to the trailer hospital. I have to repair my boo boo!! Enjoy your time in the garden!!

  3. Oh Karen, Miss Daisy is like a real person!!!! She is such a fun companion!! Love the garden pics! And the rain! What is that???
    Have a good week my friend!
    xo Kris

  4. You guys sure do you have fun. I understand why you would miss this Daisy. Hope you're having a good week.

  5. So glad you have had many adventures this summer. It has been the weirdest one here....almost never happened. No heat....lots of rain....sort of feels more like the Pacific Northwest! Hey!~!! did you send your summer to me???

  6. Ms Daisy will be home before you know it,,, and the 2 of you will be galavanting off to more mischief!

  7. I do hope she's ready in time for another one of your adventures. I'm sure she's just as anxious to get out on the road again.


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