Sunday, August 24, 2014

Super Simple Sundays

the boys 006


I recently had some time with my grandsons.  Maxwell is growing so fast.  His hair has finally gotten curly and he loves to spout the entire alphabet!


  the boys 011


Grayson is now five and heads off to school for the first time very shortly.  He is very ready, he counts way up into the 100’s with out any help!  And that’s no lie….even though I am his grandma K. 


  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhh . . . they grow up so fast!!

  2. Adorable little guys Karen!!!!!

  3. The boys are adorable, Karen..I'm sure they bring you lots of joy..

  4. Your grands are just adorable!! Aren't they so much fun to have around?

    The photo of your hollyhocks in your previous post with the blue skies is gorgeous! And so sorry your camper has a boo boo.

  5. Love those curl! They are adorable. Enjoy every second for the grow up way to fast.

  6. What cutie pies! Those curls and those dimples, the girls are gonna love these two ;-) Off topic, but I have to ask - what color are the walls in these pictures? I'm trying to find a warm, pumpkiny=terra cotta-y color and this looks really close to what I have in mind ...


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