Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Idaho Camping

migs 001


I snuck in another camping weekend, even with an injured ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’.  Headed over near Coeur d’Alene for some fun in the sun. 


migs 003


I love this area and feel lucky to visit it more than once a year.  Thanks, Mig! 


migs 013


It is always so peaceful and I love having all that grass around our trailers. 

migs 002


Here is my twin, well, almost.  This Shasta 1400 is one year newer than mine, it’s a 1970.  Luckily, ‘Driving Ms. Daisy’ got to go home with ‘Orange Cutie” for some restoration.  I am pleased as Mr. Orange Cutie, has agreed to work on my trailer, and he knows all about this model.  Yay!


  migs 015 


migs 016


All weekend we got to listen to Mig’s beautiful girls.  And they were very busy laying. 

migs 017


  1. So glad your trailer has a sweet Mr. Orange Cutie to work on it. She'll be all fixed up soon!!

  2. Happy to hear the week ended up on a fun note!

  3. I love those little trailers!

  4. Another fun trip Karen! Good for you! Thanks for sharing pictures of trailers & chickens … my favorite things! xox

  5. girlfriend, you certainly can not be accused of 'moss growing beneath your feet'... cuz you never stay home long enough! lol!
    Happy Trails to you....

  6. The forest is calling you back...come visit me at Mig's house....See you soon at the chicken mansion, Love Mig


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