Thursday, August 28, 2014

Is It Lunch Time Yet?

eggs 003


I love this time of year, all these wonderful veggies are just for the asking.  I have two tomato plants this year and they are doing terrific….for a change.  So I just had to make up this big salad with avocado, apple, cucumbers, shrimp and mixed herb greens, a little Trader Joe’s Champagne Orange Muscat Dressing.  Yum.


eggs 006


That was a sneaky way to show off my new vintage thrift find… cute it this little tray, with short legs.  Why it’s just right for on the couch, in bed OR….’drum roll please’…in my vintage trailer!


 eggs 004


Lacking a space to take a picture, I had to set this on the floor and guess who arrived right away?  Dash, he just loves food! 


eggs 001


And on that note, here is the other food produced on my land…..yep, the girls are laying a total of three eggs a day now.  I am thrilled.  They are still varying in size a lot….as you can see.


eggs 002


This one was huge….I almost feel weak in the knees for this hen! 



  1. That salad looks so yummy. Thought you needed tomatoes?? I will bring you peppers on Tuesday. I am enjoying harvest time too my friend.

  2. Yes Your Lunch Time salad is so pretty and attractive , and lovely photos to show how it is made. Thanks for the inspiration.
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  3. Love that tray! Oh yes, the trailer!!! I bet that egg is a double yoker!! So yoker isn't a word but you know what I mean. Are you headed out this weekend? I'm not, but the next two following weekends! The last camping trip of the season is the first weekend of Oct. Then I will be sad, but this summer has been so fun!! Hopefully next summer our paths with cross on the Happy Trails!!

  4. I love it when a Trailer at Home can be a mini get-away even for a few hours. I loved having chickens and look forward to meeting the girls!! Home this weekend!

  5. That's one huge's big enough to share. Have a great weekend.


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