Sunday, September 24, 2017

Vintage Bath

When I moved into this old house (hee,hee), some 20 years ago, there was a tub on the floor surrounded by wood and low and behold, it was a claw foot tub.  I found the feet in the basement (thanks so much for saving them!).  I had the tub refinished and remodeled the rest of the small bath, by adding an opening onto the part of the back porch, where I put my washer and dryer.  They didn't look very good in the kitchen!  

This house is 111 years old and this bathroom didn't exist when it was built.  I'm sure they used an old  outhouse back in the day.  I tried to keep to the old fashioned look so I added a pedestal sink with old style faucet handles.

I found newspapers from the 30's in the walls, used as insulation.  

I found a couple of old unusual windows at Habitat For Humanity and put some spray-painted old drawer pulls on for a little bling.  

I added the other window in the laundry room to hold my jewelry....needless to say this is a lot fuller now.

I loved that someone frosted the windows.

So glad these are out of the kitchen.  I did this remodel in about 2002 but I've done some fluffing since.

I took the door from the office as it was just what I wanted for the bath.  Couldn't find another one just like it.

See you again later with another bath redo.  Have a great Sunday.


  1. I have always wanted a claw foot tub and in my old farmhouse there was one originally and they replaced it with one of those cheap tub surround things with the plastic walls. I am all for the old stuff as it is well made and lasts a long, long, I love the style! Your bathroom and laundry room are darling!

  2. LOVE the bathroom. We found an old clawfoot tub in our barn and worked on it. Moved it over to the house and it served as a secluded outdoor tub for many year. This year it is a fountain, but I think I need it back as a bath. Great in the summertime!

    1. They are such great fun for a long soak. I am soooo spoiled.

  3. It looks wonderful, and claw foot tubs are great for winter time soaks.

  4. It looks great..Wonderful job..Love the vintage look..We had a claw foot tub when I was growing up..Pretty room..

  5. Love your vintage bath! Love that door too with the paned glass.. and the "jewelry door". Old wood and woodwork and windows just fascinate me for some reason. I would have it all over my house if I could, but hubby not so thrilled with it, as he grew up in a "cabin" in southern Oregon with an outhouse and you could see through the walls, so he's not much into old vintage stuff as he lived it! My washer and dryer are in our kitchen too, in a little nook and below the only window in the kitchen. We've thought of having them moved... maybe someday, but only place for them is our garage and don't really relish going out there in the dead of winter to do my laundry. I kind of like them handy, and I can stand and look out the window as I fold. Take care... Marilyn


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