Monday, January 5, 2009

Mega cabin fever

Boy, if I thought I had cabin fever before, it was nothing like it was this last weekend. I lost my land line on Friday, I still had internet, which is real odd. Can't be repaired until Monday, of course, which is ok as I have a cell phone. Good chance to see if I want to do away with my land line permanently. I really don't like talking on cell phones, I always seem to talk over the other person, pause too long, or there is too much noise in the background (theirs or mine) and the phone is so little it is hard to hold for very long. I use to have such lousy service inside my house but that has improved but is still not as good as a land line.
So there was still the usual excess snow to deal with, I could only shovel out the truck tracks as my back could not handle the heavy snow. I finally got the kid next door to remove the garage apron snow and all of the garage roof and back porch roof. I had about 4 feet on the garage and was real worried about that one! Roofs are coming down right and left with even 2 feet of snow.
So I tried to open up the garage door and it would not work. So when I got out in the garage I noticed the bracket that opens the door was hanging loose above the car. It had pulled out of the wall! Apparently, the door had frozen to the ground and in my attempts to open it, tore out the screws!
So access to the outside world was getting harder and harder to maintain! I then lost the internet on Saturday.........
Sunday I was able to get into Spokane to meet up with my daughter, Tracy to pick up my snow shovel that I had loaned her. Why would I loan a shovel? Well, there is a shortage and none can be found anywhere! And the ones that were found sold for a pretty penny. I guess the shortage is not just local, we are having real bad weather all over the US.
Driving down side streets is quite a treat. There is solid ice anywhere from several inches to a foot or more, with deep potholes, like giant sinkholes that will catch your tires and throw you all over the road. On these narrow, now one way streets, it is easy to be thrown into a parked car. The roads are so rough that one can't travel more than a few mph or you will lose the fillings in your mouth or your engine! Isn't winter fun! Actually, it's beauty is astounding. I parked in Tracy's alley and we visited in my truck and the utter peace and quiet was amazing. Right in the middle of town it was sooooo quiet.

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