Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Some Things Just Really Aren’t That Important…

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Doesn’t it seem like there is so much to do…or is it just the time of year?  Is it a busier than usual or is it the desperation to have everything done, before the first snow? Did I just leave everything ‘til the last minute?  I don’t think so…I think I plan ahead, I make notes, coordinate my time, my activities and my work…at least I think I do….then where does the time go and why does it seem like I left everything ‘til last…. 

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I shouldn’t really feel any pressure about anything….right?

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If I do anything I set my mind to (be a sort of Wonder Woman)….all my work would be done…if by magic, I have more important things to do…like ride a horse…up into the wilderness (ever notice the word wild in that?), or face a demon in the eye (sit in front of that ornery computer), take my vintage lady (trailer) for a drive in the country….glampin’ or smile the day I am ‘treated’ not ‘tricked’, (Halloween) to learn that I will be a Grandma…once again!  Only then to realize I just became mush….it’s a simple word really, inert, content, blessed, joyous…all of these things…I am most of all happy!  Bless my kids and their kids!  Thank you, Lord!  One of the things I love the most….being a Grandma….Grandma K, as my dearest little man…calls me.  All the rest…doesn’t matter.

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Some days I am just contented….


  1. Beautiful photos and sentiment. Love this post.

  2. hahaha! I make 'to-do' lists, plan, dream etc... then all of a sudden...I realize that I spent all my time dreaming & list making and never really get/got around to the 'doing'!
    Thank goodness I have your sweet friendship to kick my butt when I dwaddle! lol!

  3. I need this beautiful post today! THANK YOU!!!

    ;-D robelyn

  4. And today is one of those days! Congratulations Grandma K! I know your joy! Love the pictures. So beautiful!

  5. I am very to have a baby girl but you know how it is...I'll be more than happy either way!

  6. I do think that this time of year we are like squirrels trying to get ready for the winter.
    this year it is one day at a time

  7. I just became a Grandma this past March. Before being a Grandma, myself, I thought all Grandmas were crazy...yeah, yeah, yeah. Well, now I am a crazy Grandma, too! Just crazy for my little Bee.
    Congrats to you! Life is good...xo, Cheryl

  8. You really know how to show and tell us how BEAUTIFUL LIFE IS! You BEAUTIFUL GRANDMA YOU! Luv ya!

  9. AMEN! to all of that.

    We do put so much importance on all the 'things' that need to be done, sometimes we forget what is really 'needful'.
    Sitting at Jesus feet, and enjoying the gifts of life He has given us.



  10. Congrats! Fun, fun and more fun. I love being a grandma. It's so very fulfilling. Great pictures.

  11. Congratulations!!!! Oh I am so excited for you!!!

  12. Congrats! Life can be so sweet- what a great time for you and your family!

  13. Congratulations to your family and you..exciting news....this is what it's all about..

  14. congratulations!! happy days!
    p.s. your farm is a little piece of heaven!


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