Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another mug shot

Melody at MaryJane's Farm connection started a post with her favorite mug so I thought I would show you mine. My son gave this to me in the early 90's and boy, did it fit...however, at the time I did not have a dog. lol


  1. Very nice mug. I saw Melodys cup on the MJFgirls site then had to check out your cup. I also don't know how to put a picture any where except my blog. That took me a long time to learn also. After I read my blog I usually say Oh No I didn't mean to type that or this. I just love meeting the farm girls.

  2. Love the mug and what it says....My favorite one is one my husband got me when I went on pictures a frantic woman yelling..Red Alert, Red Alert..Mood Swing Mood Swing...It really fit at the time :)

  3. Wanted to let you know I have tagged you with the KReATIV Bloggers Award..Just go to my blog and check out the rules..Have fun with it.


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