Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another giveaway

I am in the mood for a giveaway.....sign up and tell me your favorite color and where it is in your house and you may win eyeglass case (handmade by me), large green buttons and another handmade item, a dishcloth.


  1. Lol. Well my fave color, HHHMMM let me think.....PINK^--^Where?? ALL OVER the house, from bedroom to bathroom, from dinigroom to kitchen, even in the garden is some pink ( a lot)

    Hugs from marian, aka Princess of Pink, aka dutchy from MJF

  2. Well since you ask my favorite color is sage green with burgundy thrown in for good luck..It is in most every room of my house..

  3. hmmm, most of my walls are that tan color but if i had my way they would al be various shades of greens...My 2 favorite colors are green & purple!
    If all goes well, my guest room will be a 2-tone green in the next week or so.....

  4. Karen,
    Oh DEAR, I have so many favoite colors. For the contest I will say, Red, and in my house are two very old redwork quilts.
    Nancy Jo

  5. My favorite color is Pink. Love all the different shades of it. There are touches of pink thru out my house but mostly in the bedroom.

  6. Tammy B says red is her fav

  7. You're forever the creative one! Nice crafts.

    Glad you spotted the 6 frog babies in the picture! Aren't they just soooo cute........

  8. Thank you for entering me Karen :) My favorite color is Garnet (deep red).

    Have a great day!

    ~Sharon (Calicogirl)

  9. My favorite color is green.:) My couch and loveseat in the living room are green with gold and tan flecks. The kitchen is a farm theme and has green in the curtains, in the rooster prints, and of course, in all the John Deere things, I collect.
    In the bedroom is jungle, so that's a lot of green in the curtains with palm trees and bamboo pillows etc. :)
    The only place, that you won't find green is in my bathroom. :) It is yellow and blue ducks so no good for green. Unless, you count the plants in there ;)

    This is fun!! :D
    Jessie- CRsHelpmeet @ MJFarm :)

  10. I have no color as we are in process of transforming garage into our house. The sheet rock still needs mudding so ... the rooms are white with white spots but not my fav. I love blues, pinks, greens and some browns in there as well. Sounds like good country girl colors?
    Old Spirit from MJF

  11. Yellow! Every room in my old Victorian has something a pillow a bird or a shawl tossed over the arm of an antique rocker all shades of yellow! We have hard harsh winters here in the UP of Michigan and I made up my mind a long time ago that if I couldn't get the light and the warmth of sunshine from the outside I would make a little sunshine inside my home! Yellow....definately Yellow!!



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