Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hunting for the perfect dress.

This wedding dress was the final choice.
Kim and Heather-moral support.
Ah, Mommie, you look so pretty.


  1. Well at least the Little One can catch a couple of ZZ's through all this....

  2. You are a busy one! Had so much fun meeting you and am just blown away with all your talents!

  3. AW, shucks, thanks! Was so fun, hope to spend more time with you.

  4. What a beautiful dress. I remember when both my girls got married, a very busy time. Cute cute baby!
    Nancy Jo

  5. hahaha! I luv the use of the "clamps"...I think my DH would have a heart attack if he saw them being used on a dress rather than clamping wood together! lol! Speaking of wood,,,,how goes the trailer?


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