Saturday, September 5, 2009

Old kitchen tools

Not long ago I was visiting my mom in Seattle, she had recently remodeled her kitchen. We were going through a few things and look what I found. I have collected old kitchen tools for many years and already had some red ones so this worked out great.......


  1. Your wall is those vintage kitchen much better than the plastic of today!! I spent the day at a great antique mill (400 dealers)....OMG could have gone crazy. Found a few things I could not live without! Will post on my sewing blog later this weekend. You should think about a trip to PA someday...we could get in lots of trouble, and I know a great place you could stay!! :)

  2. Love your collection...where is your ricer? I used one when my daughter was a baby to make her babyfood...couldn't afford to buy it...Homemade was better for her anyway...Love all the red..

  3. I LOVE It!!!!!
    you might want to do a "purse check" the next time I come visiting! LOL!

  4. I love your collection! I'm very fond of old kitchen stuff, too. Thanks for sharing :)


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