Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zulu Nyala Reserve

This is where we stayed and where all the previous
pics were taken.

Thank you for looking....:D


  1. I took some time to look at all your pictures.....absolutely fantastically beautiful. I bet you had a wonderful time. Still wondering what took you to woman of mystery, you!!

  2. I did have an incredible time! No words can describe it! I went with my brother and his partner. They won an auction package, asked an agent to design a trip around it and then asked me if I would like to come along. What would you do? I just had to say yes, to a chance of a life time!!!!!!

  3. I would not have turned down a chance like this either. Looking at your pics almost feels like being there. What a wonderful thing your brother did for you. What great memories and stories you'll have for a lifetime.

  4. How lucky you are I would of said yes to your brother also. I have 3 brothers all very nice but not a one has ever invited me on a trip like that. I'm still on the first set of pictures I will take my time and enjoy each one. Thank-you for sharing them. Tell your brother and his partner I think they are great for asking you to join them.


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