Monday, November 23, 2009

Grandson or Grandaughter?

Yes, I have a grandson but he was forced to wear this silly outfit last Saturday night, no Halloween is over....:D See the story below.
He is just learning to crawl. His world is expanding.......poor Mommy and Daddy. :)

He is just too cute, this from his favorite grandma, of course! You will have to bare with me while I share a few pics of Grayson from his over night on Saturday. Mommy didn't send any sleepwear so I had to improvise as his shirt was dirty and wet. I used a little pink sweater (it was on a teddy bear) and some Wizard of the Oz sox in my drawer that made knee sox to keep his legs warm. It did indeed keep him warm (and that is all that matters, Daddy!). :D

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  1. Tell Daddy to take a make do with what you can find when someone doesn't put in the clothes...I think Grayson looks sweet and I can tell you are is favorite Gramma...


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