Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Noisy as a herd of Elephants"

Yes, we have all heard that phrase but it is not true. We could have heard a pin drop as we sat and watched these beautiful animals. They do not have any bones in their feet so when they walk it is very silent. The only noise you will hear (and I can atest to that) is when they are eating, pulling the grass out of the dirt. I awoke one morning very early, well before dawn, to that noise right next to my tent! I snuck out of bed and moved the screen cover a bit and saw the tail of a baby dumbo right by the stairs to my porch! Of course, baby was not alone, his family was with him so I quietly slipped back to bed. I just could not believe it! No sound but the pulling of the grass. What a wonderful experience!

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  1. Oh Karen what a wonderful trip you must have had. I had to go back and read all the posts and you had me entranced. What gorgeous scenery and animals. And yes, i would have wanted to stay in that tent forever also! Good for you!


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