Friday, December 11, 2009

Sew Busy

Just been sewing and crafting like crazy...this towel if for Trailer Trash. I am working on a 1930's Mexican theme. Well, really a 1930's theme with a little Mexican flavor thrown in. Does that make sense?
And I got my self a little gift, a rotating cutting mat and I absolutely love it!!!! I made these hot pads on it. Fun to quilt and I love to sit and hand sew the bindings on in the evening. It has gotten so cold that I had to move my sewing machine downstairs in my office where it use to be. Nice and warm in there.

Just another shot of the two little baby quilts I made recently.

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  1. yes, I mean no, I mean yes, I mean I think so, sort of, oh I don't know....I am soooo!
    So I am confused.....Hollywood 1940 glam is now 1930-40's Mexican fiesta? Have you cleared this with Trailer Trash? lol!
    hugz from your confused ditzy


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