Thursday, February 11, 2010

New blogger

Hi, my name is Dash, and I am doing the post today for my Mommie who has been sick all week. She told me I could tell you anything I wanted so here goes.
The first thing I want to know is why she always comes into the office to sit in front of this contraption every morning. It really seems a bit odd, I mean wouldn't you rather sit in front of the window and look out at the world? I love to do that any time of day, checking for trespassing kiddies from next door, deer eating Mommie's flowers and trees, or just looking for random poop left by some other wild critters. Don't tell Mommie...please, I don't want her to know I check out yard poop. Thanks.
I am the man. Yes, it is my job to protect my Mommie at all costs. Since I love to look out the windows, Mommie has placed some chairs near the windows so I can guard her at all times. I have a special collar because there is an electrical fence around my house (underground). I really don't need to wear it any more as I know where the lines are and I stay in them (well, most of the time). We live in the country on a fairly busy road so I have lots of room to roam and this fence line is where I protect my Mommie from dangerous wild animals.
Well, it's been fun (I guess) sitting in front of this contraption and telling you about my day. However, I still like my windows better. I quess I will go back to sitting on the desk next to this thing and let my Mommie stare at it. I have a window right next to me so I can check out yard poop, while she is busy. I got out of bed early to write this for Mommie so for right now, I am back on the couch.....thanks for knawing the bone with me.


  1. Love Dash.. Kathy I hope you are feeling better soon.. I just finally found your blog. I thought I had your blogger address but lost it so Here I am..I am now following you..

  2. Thanks so much for being a follower! I have missed you. Thanks, Karen

  3. Funny Karen, I don't think you have to even have a gun or large stick in the house for protection with a mighty dog like that.You are very lucky.
    Hope you are feeling better and that is one cute puppy.
    Nancy Jo

  4. Hi there

    Glad you dropped by at my blog. The hook that we use for rug hooking varies according to what material you are using etc. It isn't like the latch hook as there is no latch...

    Go to Gene Sheppard's store and you can see loads of different styles. I used to do latch hooking but love this better...

    I will keep in touch..

    Corner Brook, Newfoundland

  5. hey Dash, you cutie pie you!
    Take good care of your mommy & tell her we hope she is feeling better real soon or even sooner.
    the Cat! lol!


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