Friday, March 19, 2010

A Short Time

My friend, Amanda and I visited a couple cemeteries yesterday. It was a cold and breezy but the sun was out. We went to a part of one cemetery that was 'wild', not particularly overgrown but 'woodsy'. I think this is the kind of setting I would like, sorta' like God's Cathedral. I always feel closer to him in the woods.
This grave site above really got to me. It radiates so many emotions..... sadness, serenity, overwhelming pain, and most of all love. I had not known until yesterday that fencing around a grave site like this generally is for a child, sorta' like a 'crib'. This area may have been a children's grave yard, as there were many 'cribs'.

It held two children, toddlers. We found many who had died in the 1910's, perhaps a plague type illness? Several family's lost several children.
Some graves are so old that there no longer is any identification left.
This one brought a smile....
This one caught my eye because the headstone, a small piece of rounded wood was so tiny. I spotted a little leprechaun magic up close on this one. Enlarge it and you will see what I mean.

I did not mean any morbidness in this post but to share the simple beauty in death and peace. A celebration of lives, however, short they may be.


  1. Now, I thought I was the only one who loved to visit cemeteries. Not for anything weird, but for the peace and history.

    In Newfoundland, we have many ancient cemeteries, some hundreds of years old. Most forgotten and grown in, but I always seem to find some "magic" like you did!

  2. I also enjoy old cemeteries to visit. They are peaceful and do have a lot of history. We have one here in town with some pretty old headstones and lots of old fences. I did'nt know that about the children and fencing.


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