Friday, June 4, 2010

Attic Fashion

Click on these pictures and you will see the fabric content and prices. I don't know what time frame this is but it is a page out of 'National Cloak and Suit Company (New York) and this is page 129-130 out of the catalog. A very large catalog by today's standards. One page was for 'every age from 7 to 14', the other says 'the In-Between Ages, sizes 12-1/2-14-1/2'.

The detail and color is just phenomenal, especially for as old as it is. It is fairly dirty and tattered too but the art work is still incredible. Can you imagine buying a dress sight unseen? No photo... And look at the prices, some of these dresses are silk! I believe this catalog is from the 20's. Let me know what you think. There are some letters from that era in with this bunch but there is also some from the teens.

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