Monday, June 7, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

Got lots of windows to clean? I spent years hating that job. I could never get them done right but now I have an easy and inexpensive way to do them.

Vinegar.....easy as pie. Make up a solution of 1/3 cup of white vinegar and 2/3 cup of water, throw it in a spray bottle and you are good to go! I have not had a streak since! Love it and so much cheaper than any store brand. You can use newspaper as your 'towel' to dry, if you like.

Here's another inexpensive cleaning solution: an all purpose cleaner: 1 Cup white vinegar and 1 Cup water, combine and use on counter tops, appliances, floors, etc. It cleans anything, including painted wood. Any smell dissipates when dry. Or if you like, just use the window cleaner, I do.

If you live in a hard water area, vinegar is a must. Soak your faucet screens (a small twist to the right will remove them), shower heads (tie a plastic bag with vinegar around the neck), sink spray nozzles, any item with a hard water stains can be soaked in a small bowl of vinegar for a few hours (or overnight) and the stains will disappear!

This will work for the toilet as well. Look behind the tank on the floor, find the water shut off, turn off, then flush the toilet, most of the water will have drained out. Spray the tank on the inside with full strength vinegar and let it set for a few hours and then do a quick rub down with a pumice stone or rough scrubber. Happy vinegar cleaning!

Above photo taken in Cape Town, old slave district, Africa, last fall.

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  1. I use the vinagar too when i'm cleaning bathroom and as a fabric softener... is healthy and cheap!

    btw, that is a lovely photo!


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