Friday, July 9, 2010

Flaunt Your Flowers Friday

These totally look like old master's paintings. And yes, there are some flowers in there. And to some hay is their flower, I bet the farmgirl in the baler thinks so!
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  1. Wonderful pictures. You've really captured the feel of old master's paintings. Must be the arteest in you.

  2. This totally reminded me of last year...we were in Oregon and Idaho and we saw a John Deere baling and then spitting out these HUGE bales of hay...we must have watched it for an hour't take much for us to be amused!

  3. These pictures are stunning. I think you should make them into note cards and sell them in your etsy store!!

  4. Great pic's,,,,they (Busy Be Ranch) are cutting, baeling picking up the hay out oast our field. Kinda cool to watch....

  5. oops, bad spelling & grammer...sorry! lol!
    'baleing' & picking up...


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