Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Smart Tips Tuesday

I belong to Mary Jane’s Farm girls (www.maryjanesfarm.com) and I participate in homemade card swap, once a month.  By the way, it is a blast!  I am having so much fun ‘playing’ with my farmgirl friend, Sharon, Bobbinrobin, that I wanted to up the fun by making some little seed packets in with my cards. 

These fun little seed packets can really be any size you want and decorated with drawings, photos or just some of your own art work.  Pocket%20Daisy%20Woofens Here is an adorable sample and another…..seed%20box%20Woofens

I think these would make fun gift tags with just a simple hole punch and lovely matching ribbon.  Or super fun party favors for a wedding and baby showers…as in this one I found at www.tipjunkie.com/baby-shower-party-favors baby-shower-favors1

You can find tons of ideas and templates to make your own at www.google.com 


  1. Karen, That's a beautiful, and practical idea. Love it!

  2. Great ideas, Karen. Thanks for sharing!!


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