Sunday, March 20, 2011

Opening Doors…




I’ve opened a few doors in my lifetime….









Some opened into wonderful worlds, I never thought I would ever see!  Africa, for one.










And Brazil, for another.

I’ve opened many many doors but none so difficult as I have faced in these last few weeks.  They are not in any foreign country, or even here at home…..they are deep within. They are heavy, burdensome, frightening and just won’t stay shut.  They were taking nearly all my strength to keep them closed.  I can’t do it anymore…they are unlocked and creaking open.


Most of us have some doors we have shut to the past.  We don’t want to visit them but sometimes facing them makes us stronger and better able to cope with everyday life.  Going there can be very difficult and even downright scary but the rewards….being free of the burden and pain…well, it’s just going to be worth it!!! 


  1. You just keep opening those doors 'til they lead to pure sunshine. It's gonna be so worth it.

  2. i agree. opening those doors are hard. but i find, like most things, once you start, it gets easier. :)
    sending you lots of hugs and love :)

  3. My sweet sweet friend, these were some beautiful doors but the one you are talking about I don't want to open either....I hope your journey through that door leads to you a lighter happier you.

  4. There is a beautiful Tibetan myth that helps us to accept our sadness as a threshold to all that is life-changing and lasting. This myth affirms that all spiritual warriors have a broken heart--alas, must have a broken heart--because it is only through the break that the wonder and mysteries of life can enter us. You are on your way! Luv ya!

  5. I know that opening those doors and passing through to the other side will make you stronger and ultimately happier. I wish you only the best and hope you find peace. Always thinking of you, friend....each and every day! Hugs and warm Springtime breezes your way!!!


  6. I wish you a safe and happy journey through all the doors you need to open. Stay pure to your heart and you can go anywhere life takes you. Take care, my friend.

  7. Whatever your door is to be opened I know you will meet the challenge for a brighter tomorrow.

    The door photos are amazing.....

  8. Fantastic pictures. I love doors :)
    Have a nice evening.
    Greetings Alexandra

  9. you are right and I love the way you are facing those hard things... when the time will be right, you'll close that heavy door and a new one will be beautifully open to you...
    many hugs for you my dear friend!


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