Thursday, June 14, 2012


Italy 282

It doesn’t seem to matter where you turn….beauty is everywhere you look….when you are happy….you see it all over the place.  And Sharon and I were very happy, on this trip!!

              Italy 283


                     Italy 285

This is right in the center of the ship,,,,the Atrium.  A peaceful place…yet a hub in the center of the ship.  We stopped here often to listen to a beautiful trio, with a very special violin.  Unforgettable!

 Italy 293

Here we are in Mykonos ….

 Italy 296

I had been holding my breath….I could not wait to see Mykonos!  And it did not disappoint, bear with me, there are lots of pictures! 

Italy 301

Say ‘hi’ to Sharon.’

  Italy 314


Italy 321 


Italy 304


Italy 325

You can even find traces of Jackie, still here. 

Italy 334

I loved this amazing old church. 

Italy 332 


Italy 335


Italy 339 

Even the sky was amazing that day.

 Italy 345 


Italy 353 


Italy 354 

These old windmills almost seem to have personalities. 


Italy 358 


Italy 361 


Italy 355 


Italy 365 


 Italy 367 


 Italy 369 


Italy 370 


Italy 372 


Italy 362



  1. Your pictures are beautiful!!!!! Mykonos is so pristine, clean and gorgeous...

  2. They are beautiful. Love the windmills. Don't know how they could catch any wind though. Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.

  3. Wow, now I want to go there. Your picture are beautiful. At least I feel like I am there through your photos! More, more please!

  4. You did take a few pictures, didn't you? Mykonos will stay in my memory forever. It was so different than anyplace else on earth!

  5. The colors are incredible. The contrast between the buildings and the bright blue sky is amazing. Really like the pictures with the ship in the background.

  6. I love Greece and your pictures make me want to go there! What an incredible trip you had. I've been reading all about it and it sounds wonderful from all you've said. You made memories to last a lifetime.

  7. Wow! Breathtakingly beautiful!! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us, Karen!!

  8. So beautiful the ocean is amazing.

  9. These are my favorite pictures from your trip.


  10. I see you have been a lady of leisure and a world traveler! YOU know how to travel in style too, look at that ship and the view from your room too. These are awesome photos you have been sharing with us, thank you for taking us with you as I know I will never get to see this part of the world. WOW!!

  11. You do have an eye for beauty....those pictures were so amazing.

  12. To this day, those windmills make me think of the "Moonspinners".


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