Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sisters on the Fly in Sisters, Oregon

Sisters 016 

I’m back from my first official Sisters on the Fly trip……it was so over the top!  We all had a blast.  We convoyed and took back roads, so we could stop at fun spots on the way.  This was just one of the little spots where we had lunch in the park.  I have hundreds of pictures and my camera battery ran down on the second day, so a fellow sister took a lot more for me.  Thanks, Sue! 

Sisters 009


            Sisters 012 

We saw all kinds of fun things along the way. 

Sisters 014

Even some old trailers….we are always on the lookout.

 Sisters 029

This is Sue’s 1960 Holiday House, they only made this trailer for three years…the factory burned down.  This was probably the most popular trailer in our camp.  The interior pics are not very good as I took them at night…sorry.

 Sisters 002 


   Sisters 003  She completely redid the inside because of dry rot….Isn’t it wonderful that she saved this fantastic vintage trailer?    

               Sisters 004 

 Sisters 033

Isn’t she a beauty?  It was a pleasure traveling with her.  We had walkie talkies and had a blast on the road.

 Sisters 031

  This is Francine’s trailer and I love that she matches her rig….check out what’s hanging out of the rear door! 

     Sisters 028 

I don’t know all the brands and often when I took photos, no one was home.  So you will see a lot of pictures and no titles. 

Sisters 030

I just love the bump out on this little beauty.  It rained so hard over the weekend that she had to tarp her trailer as it started to leak.  With these vintage trailers this is always a concern.  I even had a little come in my window.  (It was closed).

                  Sisters 032

Some know the importance of proper decorations!  Great job, Bonnie!

  Sisters 034 


Sisters 035 


Sisters 036  Sisters 061

Everyone is so creative….look at that map made out of license plates! 

Sisters 037 

Sisters 038


  Sisters 039 


 Sisters 040 

Maren’s trailer appears to have come from Europe.  It’s tiny but really works great and so cute!

       Sisters 041 

Sisters 042 

Sisters 043 

               Sisters 044 

Sisters 047

What a sweet Buttercup!

 Sisters 063 

Sisters 064 

You will see some of the most darling chandeliers in these trailers…everyone’s decorating is over the top.

Sisters 048

This is Franklin out of Utah, he was running around all day, doing paint jobs for some of the Sisters.  He could not keep up with all of the orders.  He even stayed late.

 Sisters 051 

This is Marty’s trailer, she was the head of team Saturday breakfast and she made each of us an adorable apron!

 Sisters 053 

It’s all about comfort! 

Sisters 262 

Each of the aprons had our name and number on them….too cute!

I will have many more posts for you but I need to edit some of the photos and catch up around here.  Hope you enjoy this little peek into the life of a Sister on the Fly.


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  1. What a fantastic post! How much fun you "sisters" must have had. Love all the retro campers. My hubby just bought an old camper to fix up. Wish I could be a Sister On The Fly!

  2. WOW those campers are amazing.Love how they are all decorated.A home away from home.You must have had a blast!

  3. Those are awesome photos. Love seeing all the different trailers and all the different decorating ideas. And, the painter...lucky to find him. I can't wait to see more pictures.

  4. So glad you are home safe and sound. How are the 3 feathered gals and Dash?

    LOVE your photos of the trailors and cant wait to see more. I want one so bad...

  5. Where do I begin? I'd never be able to pick a favorite; they're all so much fun. What a sight that must have been to see all you gals rolling down the road. What fun!!

  6. What great fun! I am so glad we got to see it in photos!!!

  7. How fun!!! I can't wait to see more. Love the decorating. It looked like a great day when you took the pictures.

  8. Hey Girlie, so glad you had a great time..... & now you are off to Moses Lake,,,, there's no stoppin' you now! YeeHaw!

  9. Hello, I' m Anna Figueres from Palamós in Catalonia, Europe. I' ll like to be a sister on the fly, but here in Europe. Will be possible to know if there are more women like me that will do the same of you here in the other part of the world ? Thanks you so much, Anna " tonahe@hotmail.com "


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