Friday, September 28, 2012

Back to the Lake

lake kelso 053

I just had to post a few more pictures from my trip to Lake Kelso in Idaho.

 lake kelso 062

I miss it already.

 lake kelso 110

The last of the wildflowers.

lake kelso 058


lake kelso 081

Sharon and I really enjoyed the early morning mist on the lake. 

lake kelso 094


lake kelso 095

I think this is one of my favorite views on the lake. 

lake kelso 104

It is such a mystical place!  I love it so much.

 lake kelso 117

On our walk, later that afternoon, we found some critters to photograph. 

lake kelso 125 


lake kelso 129

And of course, no country post would be complete, without a barn! 

lake kelso 132

Here’s Sharon on our lovely walk on a long country road. 


  1. Being an almost Arizona native girl I have spent very little time around water...I would love to take my trailer next year up the coast...when there are no mosquitos(we dont have mosquitos here)..I think it would be very calming.

  2. Idaho is just so beautiful! I drove through the top of Idaho a few weeks ago, it always takes my breath away. I live in flat Florida(I love Florida, just being honest) and love seeing the beautiful mountains.

  3. How beautiful! It sure looks like a relaxing weekend to me!! We need more of those!

  4. Ya got me!! Hopefully memories to keep us thru the winter. Judy says we should make it an annual trip.

  5. Beautiful! Some of the pictures remind me of paintings by Bob Ross.

  6. It makes me want to be there right now. The mist on the water was beautiful! Great post!

  7. The lake looks so inviting and I bet it was quiet and serene. Love all the photos. Hope you have a great weekend.

  8. Beautiful!! What a perfect place to relax and recharge one's battery!


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