Friday, September 21, 2012

The Way It Was…

I am reposting this old post from September 2012 to update you on my weight loss program. 

"I believe I have been on a diet of one kind or another, all my life.  Now don't get me wrong, I haven't always been overweight but I thought I was (even when I wasn't…and sometimes….. I WAS."


"In 2009, I spent several months, working out, walking, swimming and had lost 28 pounds. I felt good about that but it had been a major struggle to lose even that much. I was down to 160….not where I wanted to be but it was a start.
As you can see….a year later I was pushing 180…again!  Yep, that’s me.  Obviously, I didn't have many pictures taken, why would I? "


"I don’t look very happy (I know I was very unhappy) and it was a struggle to find the energy to do the things I wanted to do… one being my vintage trailer remodel.  I was also struggling with health issues; thyroid, depression, and unbenounced to me, insulin insufficiency.  I never wore anything but sweats…ugh!"


"Last winter, I took the bull by the horns and decided I had to walk an hour, 5 days a week for the rest of my life or I would never keep it off.  Luckily, I live near a facility at Eastern Washington University, where I can walk indoors in inclement weather. 
At the end of June, I decided to get help with the last pounds and fine tune the flab.  My daughter had been seeing a local trainer, Cindy Bourgoin, and we got dialed in and she has helped me tremendously!  I love that what she does involves every part of the body, diet, health, spiritual; she‘s just wonderful.  So encouraging….and she makes you toe the mark, and no guilt trips.  She also does Skype, so you don't even have to leave the house!
I had a goal to get myself on a horse and ride through the old Lewis and Clark trail this month and she helped me make that happen!  Thanks, Cindy!  It meant a lot to me to reach my goal! "

F.C.-G.C.TripleO-9.2013 172

"Today, I am at 145….haven't seen that in years!  I am feeling great and I think it shows!"

"I reposted this, as a request, and thought I would update you....I am still working out with my trainer twice a week, walking and have added additional yoga.  Love that yoga, if anything, this probably has helped me the most.  When I started I had plantar fasciitis and it was so painful to walk.  None of the home remedies helped but the stretching in yoga did it.  I haven't had an issue with it since." 

"I love the way I feel after a class.  Relaxed and centered.  And it has trimmed and strengthen my core.  And I am now down to 138.  Never thought I would see that again....that is now 3 sizes.  I still have to wrap my head around what I look like...I still see an imperfect may take more time to get the mental in place...ha!"  

I now weight 136 and I am darn proud of it......haven't seen this weight range for eons!  I still work out with my fantastic trainer, Cindy Bourgoin, twice a week.  I walk and do yoga.  I have just incorporated it all into my life.


  1. wow Karen, you look fabulous!!
    you must be so proud of yourself!

  2. You look mahhhhvelous. Congrats ... I know what a struggle it has been for you and I'm proud of your accomplishment my friend.

  3. Karen you look fabulous, and YES, it certainly shoes when you feel good!!! I know too!! I lost 55 pounds 5 years ago, through Weight Watchers, and running 5 mornings a week. I had a huge life change, and had to stop my morning run. I have, over the past 5 years, regained about 30 of those pounds, and really must take it off now!!! You have inspired me!!

  4. Not only does it show in the body but I love how it shows in the smile! Way to go!! Now what is you next adventure goal????

  5. Yes, it shows. And, by the way, you look awesome. Keep up the good work.

  6. You look amazing and you are my daily inspiration!! I love you to bits you skinny minny you!!


  7. You look great and I bet feel even better overall.
    I had been one to gain and loose 20-35 lbs my whole life. (mother did the same).
    Last summer, my son was getting married and I decided on July 1 to drop 20 lbs for the wedding on July 30th. Did it and surprised at how easy it was walking 2-3 brisk walks a day and doing the paleo diet (protein every meal, all the fruits/veggies I wanted)cut out dairy and grains) except for small amounts of cheese & ice cream. I went on to get down to my drive's license weight 2 months later. Have kept it off plus another 9-10 lbs for a year now. The secret to keeping the weight off for me is weighing myself everyday. If the scale is up, I cut the bad carbs for a day or two and then walk, walk, walk.

    Keep up the great work.
    Nancy, Olympia, WA

  8. Oh my goodness...... I thought you looked good in pictures I've seen of you previously, but you look absolutely FABULOUS!!!

    I know and understand the weight issue. When we're short it makes it harder..... I struggle with 10 lbs off and on.... grrr!

    Taking the weight off and getting in shape sure helps the mental attitude for me.

  9. hey cowgirl,,,, so true, you look fantastic....
    Check out your photo in the last SOTF luncheon photo.... yep, you look Mah-vo-lus Dhaling! lol!

  10. In my head I did the happy dance for you, not sure it's the same one you think of, but it means you go girl!


  11. Good for you, Karen. It is hard to make these changes and keep at it....but you did and you look marvelous!!! That was a great accomplishment!

  12. Congrats on your achievement! They always say, "the first step is the hardest."

  13. I've been dealing with thyroid issues for a couple of years now are an inspiration!


  14. thanks Karen...that last pic is amazing!..i will e-mail you in a bit

  15. My daughters want me to go to yoga with them, I'm a chicken. Haven't done it since I was a young woman.


  16. What a great story! I'm starting slowly trying to live a more healthy life. I've cut down on coffee and candy and now I need to bundle up and get myself outdoors and WALK! I used to walk every day when we had a dog. When she passed away, I quit. Now I need to get back into a routine of exercising to get my energy back. Keep up the good work!


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