Monday, May 13, 2013

Early Morning Walk About

chickens 035


Michelangelo was out and about early this morning, with his newest buddies.

 chickens 015 

 I never realized how hard it was to take pictures of black chickens!  Yikes.  These are Black Sex Links and Michelangelo, is part BSL, too.  The girls are Harriett Tubman and Bessie Johnson.


 chickens 027


This is about the first time, these two girls have gone out this far into the yard.


  chickens 036


I think things must be settling down in the Chicken Mansion.  Amelia Earhart and Eleanor Roosevelt, my original girls (is that a Madonna song?) are in their nesting boxes.  I hope they can produce some eggs today, I have only had one egg every other day, lately. 


Clara Barton, one of the new ones, hardly ever leaves the coop.  However, she was the aggressive one in the beginning and that was how I found out Michelangelo, was blind in one eye.  He does pretty well but his depth perception is off….but what the heck, so is mine.  And no one is putting me in the pot. 


thrift finds 006

When I was garage saling, while Glamping in Kennewick, WA, I picked up an old metal drawer, the kind that held flour/bread in the old Kitchen Queen’s.  I only paid $1.50 for it and just knew I could use it for something but what? 

Well, I figured it out.  I got one new hen, that is laying her eggs on the floor in the corner.  So I plopped the drawer on it’s side, below the galvanized nesting boxes and we’ll give it a go….hope it works. 


thrift finds 002



  1. Chickens aren't very good at posing..Good pictures though..Good luck with the nesting boxes..

  2. What a perfect use for that box!!! The photos of the chickens are stunning against the backdrop of your beautiful land and coop!
    Yesterday was over 100 degrees here! We got home at 8:30 last night, and it was 91 degrees out. Yikes! I am NOT ready for that kind of heat yet!!!

  3. Black chickens are really quite beautiful. Love your coop...quite stylin'. Deb

  4. Great pictures of your chickens. The setting looks fantastic and their house is so grand. Not showing your post to my hens they will be jealous.
    Fingers crossed you get more eggs soon. I have 9 hens and are getting 4-5 eggs a day. We are so lucky.

  5. Love your pictures and your blog. My husband and I are currently selling our house with plans of moving to a more rural area. I can't wait! Shannon

  6. Love the photos. That's a great idea for the box. Thanks for sharing. Have a great week.

  7. Love the pictures of the chickens and the 'find' of the metal box and what you created with it.

  8. Great pictures Karen and it looks like a beautiful day! xox

  9. I hope it works. They are too cute! Love the photos.

  10. Hi Ms. Bates! I love your site! My husband and I just received our 1967 pop up trailer and we are thrilled! I love your color scheme on your trailer and was thinking of doing the same hues to due our lil "ice box" being a pretty foam green-blue.. I look forward to the day where I too can have some chicken roaming around on my land... But we've got some time for that!! Thanks again for the inspiration!

  11. love you site Ms. Karen & your trailer! Just received our pop up trailer today! 1967 phoenix pop up! Hope our turn out as beautiful!


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