Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Women VS Nature

owl attack 002


These may look like leaves but they are feathers….my chicken’s feathers.  Clara Barton’s to be exact.  I was out in the garage and heard a horrible squawking noise, just outside, so I walked around to see what was wrong, thinking that must be quite a fight between my girls! 


New girls 012

Clara was always the runt of my girls.  


It was a fight alright but with a very large owl!  She was completely covering my hen, the wing span was at least two and a half feet!  I wasn’t sure what to do but I grabbed both upper wings on the owl, trying to move her off.  I didn’t want to hurt her either!  She was unfazed!  I tapped her on the back with my foot, as I hovered over the top of her.  She was pecking hard at poor Clara!  Just as I did this she did the 180 turn (shades of that movie!) and the most HUGE yellow eyes look directly at me!  Whoa!  Have I gone to far?  Is she coming after me?


Luckily she decided to take off and so did Clara.  I was looking for Clara in my Iris’s but she was really in ‘hide’ mode.  A few minutes later the owl was back in a tree above me and I had to shoo her away.  She did not come back and I could not find any of my girls!  It was sometime before I could convince Clara to return to the coop. 


New girls 020


Just before dark, Eleanor R. and Bessie Johnson, came into the Chicken Mansion and after hollering for some time, Harriett Tubman finally arrived after dark to join everyone.  Whew!! 


owl 001


What a day!  I have been admiring that gorgeous owl, nearly every day for over a year and a half.  She has stayed here and had her young (that was one I found dead in my garage, some time back) and was a super mouser.  But nature prevails…..most of the time.  But not this time!!  I am so glad I was outside. 



  1. Yikes, poor Clara!!! Maybe they need to stay in the confines for a day or two! I still remember hearing Jazi crying and looked out the window to find a raccoon on top of her. She didn't move either as I approached but lucky I had a broom just outside the slider and picked it up yelling like a mad women. Luckily Jazi was fine and I never could trap that nasty raccoon. Mrs. Owl go away!!!!

  2. So glad it turned out well for both of you!! Luv the owls but a little more cover needed for safety. Luv the names of your strong women of history!!

  3. I thinking staying in the hen house or pen for a day or so to make sure the owl has gone on to 'greener pastures'.

    1. She won't go anywhere with the food this place can provide her, I will just have to keep an eye out for her. I understand they don't usually hunt during the not sure what happened this time.

  4. are a brave one to get the owl off your chicken!

  5. Wow, that owl could have really hurt you and your chickies! You're brave! ♥

  6. You go girl!...we will call you the Owl Slayer!...not really, just the Owl Scarer!

  7. I never considered that owls go after chickens! I can picture your story, Wow!

  8. I never considered that owls go after chickens! I can picture your story, Wow!


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