Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Thriftin’ Time Tuesdays


vintage 013


I feel like I just bought an Elvis painting…on velvet.  Silly me but I just had to have it for my Mexican themed vintage trailer.  This Sombrero is in pristine condition and is just absolutely gorgeous in a deep deep red with gray and gold accents.  I love that early 1950’s frame……$4.


  vintage 017 


the Sombrero…..$14. 


vintage 007


This stunning painting (check out that glitter on the tree) a whole $4!  Heeheee….yep, I got it for the frame.


 vintage 018


Here’s the very last $4 value….the best one I would say…can’t wait to reupholster this baby, for my craft room.  The seat swivels too.  I know I am going to like that.  Vintage 50’s.



  1. Score! Great finds, especially that swivel stool.

  2. Awesome finds. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Karen those are some awesome deals! I want to go shopping with you!


  4. Oh, love that sombrero! And the picture!!! BOTH pictures!!! Fun purchases! And the chair too! Good thrifting!!!
    xo Kris

  5. PS Thank you for your uplifting comment and good wishes for my Mom!!!
    XO Kris

  6. I admit I've purchased a sombrero or two for the kids Spanish class fiesta's, but I shy away from anything that looks like Elvis, velvet, or Elvis on velvet! The stool however is killer.

  7. ok, next time I am up in Spokane,,, you are taking me shopping! I see the Sombero's all the time down here but never at that fantastic a price! you really scored there chickie!
    and if you just want the ' frame' I want that cute Church in the snow scene painting! SERIOUSLY! heeheehee!


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