Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Blast From the Past Tuesday



What is this?  A girl catching fish in a skirt?  I know, things are sure different these days but women/girls wore skirts and dresses back in the day more often than not.  And no, this was not what I was wearing at the time I caught it.  But one must always be presentable…back in the day.




Can you tell who got the big one?



  1. Love the clothing and hair styles.

  2. It would be nice if people would be this presentable today!

  3. My sons and daughters still laugh when I tell them that the dress code for girls at school was skirt or dress required! Way different than what you see young ladies in now - yikes!


  4. so funny!!! and oh how I wish the pics we take today would stay in such good shape as those black/whites from that day. Love how the date is on the side!!!!!

  5. I just love these posts....a peek into the past!!

  6. There's something to be said for those good old days..Cute post!!

  7. Oh thank you for visiting with me, and now I get to visit with you getting to know you that much better....as for girls in dresses and skirts I look at some of my old pictures and can't believe I wore a dress or skirt to many evens like the fair! Who does that, we did :)
    This is I am sure a real big fish story :)
    It's so fun to look back and wonder why, or how come, or the did I wear that, or look at my hair? I do it all the time.

    Thank you sweet friend for this timeless foto, it brought many memories to my thoughts in how I dressed and wore my hair :)

    See you soon.


  8. You still got it girl! Some people never change! xox


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