Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday Moments




This photo was taken in 1951, you probably could tell, by the cowboy gear…ha!  I was five, my brother on the left, Brian was three and my cousin Greg, maybe 4.  Both the boys are gone now.  I had four cousins, all boys and eventually three brothers.  My family was dominated by men.  Yikes.


I loved that white picket fence, we use to take blankets and close pin them to the pickets and make a wonderful tent.  We played in them for hours.  It was my first camping experience…the first of so many.  No wonder I love it, it’s in my blood!



  1. Oh my....the days when little girls wore dresses ALL of the time!!! I love it!

  2. Cute picture..I was ten then..My hair looked just like that when I was 5 ..We wore pinafores....Have a super day..

  3. These pics are a hoot!! Don't you just look at them and wonder where all of our time has gone????? my birthday was last week and I turned into another decade....this one really got me down.. Oh well, better than the alternative....

  4. What a sweet photo. Your mom, like my mom, must have loved taking pictures. I have an album of them. Sadly, she must have used musilage (remember musilage?) 'cause several of the photos have stained brown.


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