Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Be Still My Heart

wenatchee 006


Pink?  Anyone? 


wenatchee 009


Want to take a peak inside?


wenatchee 015


Dream, dream, dream……


 wenatchee 016


Tara Rose has an eye for detail, that I just adore.  Just look at this sweet kitchen. 


 wenatchee 011


wenatchee 055


Pink it is.


 wenatchee 026


Love this countertop!

 wenatchee 025



 wenatchee 061


Full fridge and microwave….too!


wenatchee 033


Small bath with tub and vanity.


 wenatchee 034 



wenatchee 031


A spacious back bedroom. 


wenatchee 035


Look at that beautiful glowing….ceiling!  Love the wood and new vintage flooring.


wenatchee 037 

Does it get any better than this?

  wenatchee 062


1957 Ideal, 23ft.


  1. So pretty. Thanks for sharing. Love the photo of the chairs by the water too.

  2. Oh my oh my, beautiful indeed and I'm not much of a pink sorta gal.

  3. Well, how cute is that!!!!! xo Diana

  4. Is the child's ironing board used as a coffee table?

    1. Yes, quite a few of the gals use them that way...or the larger wood ones as coffee bars...outside.

  5. Very cute..So well equipped.....Love your new header...

  6. I second that! be still MY heart! I'm all about pink (and green too)... and when I saw that chenille spread on the couch, and those curtains with the roses? oh my oh my.... thump thump my heart... how in the world does she put everything away when she goes on a travel adventure? There are so many wonderful trinkets and goodies set out to see and feast your eyes upon, but I can imagine it takes awhile to put it all in a safe place for the next adventure? I too love your header... all that wonderful water.. I love water and live far from it.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry about the above Karen! This trailer is the cutest … ever! Is she a sister? You took some sweet pics! xox


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