Wednesday, December 30, 2009

In the kitchen

I was telling some Farmgirls about the squash I grew this summer and thought I would share. Now why would anyone bother.... Well, this is the only squash I got last summer. I planted several plants but we had such weird weather only this plant was able to produce anything. I had to leave it on the vine when I went to Africa in late September, hoping to get a light freeze and come home to pick it. Unfortunately, we did have a freeze but it killed one end of the squash. So I decided to try it out the other day and it was so yummy!! Organic and all. I am drying the seeds to use this next spring! Yeah, free organic seeds. I will share, just email me.
This is the last apron for awhile. I made this one for a gourmet cook who is a friend of my daughter, Tracy and her husband, Malachi. He doesn't know it yet as I have not delivered it yet. That happens tomorrow when I pick up my grandson, Grayson, for an overnight for New Year's eve. What better way to spend the night? :D

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  1. Karen,
    Thank you for stoping by my site. Yes I love that English stuff. didn't know that was going to be part of the purchase. Yes that older lady does look like she is about to have a baby, but that is probably the result of having 10 children in her younger days. HA.
    You sure can sew, I need a lot of help in that area.


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