Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sisters II

Sisters 056

Here comes some more trailers from Sisters on the Fly NW gathering in Sisters, Oregon, last week.  This is Linda’s cute trailer check out her accessories!

              Sisters 057

It is just too cute!!!  Don’t you love the little sewing machine?

Sisters 058  

Sisters 066

I just love this one…of course, I would, I love color and both the back and front are just adorable! 

Sisters 068 

Sisters 069

Sisters 070

When I ran into this sisters (real) they were having trouble leveling their trailer, so we all worked on it together.  They had only been out three times and were heading to the Dakotas, after this event! Brave souls….I’m not there yet!

Sisters 071

Sisters 074

I loved the colors in this trailer, of course, part of it was it’s a Shasta like mine.  Isn’t it adorable?

Sisters 075


Sisters 076


Sisters 077


Sisters 078


Sisters 079


Sisters 080


Sisters 081

This is Betsy Ross…isn’t it adorable?  Linner has done a fabulous decorating job!  Love it!

  Sisters 082

Love those blue burners!!

 Sisters 083

This is Margret’s interior, the trailer parked right next to Betsy Ross…too cute! 

I have so many more pictures but not enough time to post them right now.  More later when I get a few …..Happy Trails….



  1. I definitely have some favorites in this group!

  2. I love sitting here with my coffee dreaming of all the cute trailers you are showing us. I know I won't miss next year and lets hope I have that vintage trailer! Did they talk about dates for next year and is it in Sisters again?

  3. These are the cutest campers ever!!!

  4. These are always my most favorite posts, Karen. You know how I love those vintage trailers!!! What fun you all must have. I am green with envy!!

  5. Those are such cute trailers, and I especially enjoyed seeing the sewing machine. Great pictures!

  6. These are just the cutest. I love visiting them all. I so wish I was closer to join in. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Karen. I am sure loving these trailers!!!! Oh what a dream it would be to have one of my very own. I love it!!! Keep posting!!!
    How is the new chickie working out?

  8. MORE MORE MORE!!! CANT GET ENOUGH!!! YES, I am hoggy about it too. I love seeing these gems.

  9. I don't have a favorite, each one is so unique and cute in its own way.

    This looks like absolute heaven....decorating and then traveling with friends.

  10. I am loving all these trailers. Over the top fun!

  11. Thanks for visit
    I love all


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