Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Stormy Weather

chix 012


It’s cold outside and more is coming.


chix 008


So I was thrilled to get out my Paper Whites ( a lovely gift from Juli ) and get them setup.  If you look real close you can see just the tiniest roots just as I planted them.


 bulb 001 


Less than 24 hours later….amazing. 

The temps are in the low 20’s here and the wind chill factor makes it about –10 right now…ugh.  Of course, I had to be outside taking care of the chickens and the neighbor’s cat….ha!  Stay warm!


At posting this morning it is 8 degrees with a strong wind blowing…I can’t imagine what it feels like out there!  So glad I got the girls all tucked into The Chicken Mansion with heat lamps and a backup heater.


chix 010


I only wish it looked this warm out there….this was taken about a month ago.


  1. Brrrrr...Karen. We are all the way up to 20 degrees this morning but there is a still breeze off the bay so I am not sure what the wind chill is---let's just go with COLD! Glad your chicks are all tucked in! Crazy weather this early in the winter season. ugh....xo Diana

  2. 15 cold degrees here right now. Not to worry . . . it should warm up to 22 the weatherman says.

  3. Oh, that is some kind of cold. This time of year I'm glad I live in Arizona, 61 and it's 8 a.m. Thanks for sharing. Stay warm.

    1. I sure could live with that...maybe one of these years I will head down there in the winter.

  4. Ckara is snuggled in for the winter and you've inspired me to get some paper whites today. Up to 25 here.

  5. Burrrr! I just returned home from a long weekend in Vegas, 80 degrees. What a shock to step off the plane! Boy does that sunshine outside fool us. It's a balmy 32 with 35 to 55 mph winds! So staying inside for me and staying away from falling trees.!! So thankful I still have power and heat!

  6. The cold is on it's way East..We're to be in the 20's I think...A little chilly for this time of year..

  7. Brr degrees. Love paper wights - every year I say I am going to force some and I don't, so I'll live vicariously through yours. Hope you and the girls stay warm.


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