Saturday, March 14, 2015

Some Potholes….

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Once again I had to go to the ER…..on Thursday.  I started losing sensation in both legs and arms.  I could hardly get into my neighbor’s car…God Bless her.  I lost feeling in both arms and couldn’t walk and had trouble speaking while at the hospital but after a CAT scan was done I was doing much better.  Blood flow in the neck and head were great.  They did not know what was wrong.  My phosphorus was low but not the problem. 

I got my heart monitor yesterday and that calms me, as I am monitored 24/7 and they call if something is wrong.  I also got a referral to an Endocrinologist, as my thyroid is way out of whack.  Hope to see him next week, if I am lucky.

I slept 9 hours last night but am still moving slow today…just going to take it easy.  It’s raining out and I like that as it has been awhile and everything is so dry…I can just hang out and read and maybe work a puzzle.

Dash went totally insane when I got home from the ER.  He jumped on my lap, stood on his hind legs and smothered me with tons of dog kisses….he was really worried about me.  Poor little guy.



  1. Oh Karen, sorry to hear you needed to go back to ER. Is your head and neck better today? Glad its raining there too for you. Rain seems to clam things done. Keeping you in my prayers Missy! XOXOXOXOXOXO

    1. Yes, the headaches seem to be down almost to nothing....just super tired and weak...time for a puzzle.

  2. Am so sorry to hear this. I hope you get this figured out pretty soon. Hate for you to be staying alone during this time. Keep us apprised.

  3. Hoping your doctor's figure out what is going on so that you are 100%.

  4. been following your escapades - take it easy! I hope you are on the right track soon!

  5. I am so sorry to hear of your health issues. I hope they can figure it out.

  6. I'm so sorry that you had to go back to ER... and so hope and pray the doctors figure out what is causing these problems. DO get your thyroid checked very soon..... it can cause tons of problems and make your life miserable... make sure they check your T3 and T4, both, not just your TSH..... very important... I had problems for years and finally got it taken care of.....the weakness and loss of feeling.. that is another matter and pray that you have a good caregiver who is concerned enough to find the problem. Take it easy... best wishes... Marilyn

  7. Best of luck. Enjoy the rain. We are getting more this morning.

  8. Oh my Karen..SO sorry to hear that you had to go back to the ER..I hope they find out the cause soon...Something has to be going on in that head of yours..?Spasm..Don't know..It's good that it goes away..Scarey though..Wishing you all the best..


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