Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baby Boy

This is Dash, better known as 'Baby Boy'. This is his favorite "Big Dog" and I could not resist taking this pic of him sitting next to me on the couch the other night. He was asleep but as you can see he never misses a thing. What a wonderful companion. I should probably stop calling him Baby Boy as I am going to be a grandma again this April and who knows there could be a baby boy. But just the word 'baby' conjures up all kinds of things for Dash. I swear almost every word I have taught him starts with a 'b'. Ball, boy, bone, basket, on and on, just ask for his 'baby' and he will bring you multitudes of stuffed little ones. Hopefully, he will not bring the real b ...............I am not going there. This will be the first little one for my daughter and we will all be waiting for the birth to find out if we have a girl or a boy. I kinda' like this old fashioned way, not that I ever knew any other way in my lifetime. Things have really changed since I had my kids. Baby furniture is huge now and comes in many colors and or wood finishes. Car seats, cradles, bouncing this and bouncing that are all huge items. Some are so heavy I do not know how one could carry them. And the price tags!! That's another story. But this is an exciting time and we all look forward to it.

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