Saturday, December 6, 2008

I've been tagged

Not really sure how this works but I think I am suppose to list 6 things about me that the average person might not know. So here goes........

1. Coming from a family with all male siblings, it probably would not be remarkable for the only girl to grow up doing male orientated work, along with the rest of the family. However, I was the only one to go into a profession that was male orientated. All the others got into office type professions and were not interested in working with their hands. This has followed suit in my children as well. My daughter loves to work with houses too.

2. When I was in the 5th and 6th grades I was asked to join in art classes at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle. I traveled on two different buses from the University district to downtown Seattle to the St. James Cathedral area by myself. I was eleven and twelve. Not something that would happen in this day and age!

3. We got T V in 1957 when I was eleven. The installer (yes, installer) told us to be very careful and sit way back from it as we could get radiated! That was the extent of our electronics. No TV during the week. Homework was more important.

4. When I was in Design class at the U of W in Seattle I had to make a kite as an assignment and it had to fly. We were to fly this kite during class time to prove it worked. So the night before my then boyfriend and I walked past barracades on the now express lanes overhanging Elliott Bay and tried flying my kite. Oh, this was before the new freeway was finished. So when people would say 'go fly a kite ', I have and I sure did it in a place no one else ever has.

5. When I lived in Wenatchee, in my early twenties, I was trained to use a camera and we set up a shop in a mall, Dean's Photo 'n Art (Dean went to basic training) and I ran the shop. I took family portraits, sold art supplies, did picture framing and matting. I loved doing the framing as I got to see all kinds of beautiful art.

6. There is a picture of me at the age of three or so sitting on the bottom of an old wood extension ladder, adding 'weight' so my father could do his work up near the top of our 3 story house. This was just the beginning of my love of ladders and paint. Several years later I would stand on the top rung of that same ladder to help paint that house. At the ripe old age of 46, I starting my own painting company, Karen's Painting.

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