Monday, February 9, 2009


It's a blog giveaway!! Yeah! This is a kitchen set of two crocheted (homemade :)) dishcloths and a towel. The antique washboard not included.
All you need to do is comment below, leaving your call name at MJ's, and let me know 'what was your all time favorite thrifting find' and what you paid for it. Closes on the 23rd of February. I can't wait to read your comments.


  1. LOL. My fave is the sofa I got last week, a steal at about $17,50. Looks wonderful and SO me, shabby chic, pink and other pastels.
    And also the vintage items I got, but the sofa is my all time fave

    Cute give away ♥

    Hugs from Marian/Dutchy on MJF

  2. HI there....recently I got 7 large wooden crates built so solid, from an old orchard..holds 30 bushels of fruit! $25 bucks. This find may have topped my White treadle I got for $10. Cheers..Jess

  3. My latest find was a kitchen set of valances, curtains, and matching chairpads for a $1.00!! They looked brand new and were the perfect "odd" shade of green I needed. Of course my mother-in-law is the. Real "yard sale queen"--she bought a new 6-month old $40,000 car for about $10,000!! No joke! :)love the giveaway!
    Sheri (tea4sheri)

  4. what an awesome question! my favorite thrift store find is a pair of brand new Steve Madden clogs for $8. i could conquor the world in those shoes!

    MJF: BarefootGoatGirl

  5. My favorite was a collection of emamelware wash basins that I have hanging in my laundry room. I got 5 of them for $10 and they are in great condition.

    Thanks for the give-away!

  6. haha! for me it was buying those 2 pair of denim jeans for 99cents, It was nice to not feel guilty when I got home & cut them all up to make Denim Stockings out of them! I am so easy to please! lol!

  7. I get excited over every purchase or I wouldn't go. I search mostly for vintage sewing and embroidery things.But now it is close to garage sales and sometimes they are cheaper. Thanks for doing this giveaway. Carrie

  8. Ok.. well I have so many great finds, but my latest is some 100 year old wood that I am repurposing for my 4x4 square foot gardening boxes... I have a picture on my blog fellow prosserfarmchick is remodeling her quilters inn bed and breakfast.. and I was lucky enough to grab the wood... the planters are lovily I will post.


  9. Karen,
    Oh My goodness how can I pick. I thrift at least once a week, and I have so many great things. So I will just pick from my resent finds. An old spoon rack to hold all my very old spoons. I had been looking for one for some time. It was two dollars.

  10. My favorite (and best to date) thrifting find was a boxful of silver platters, a warming chafer, and a creamer cup for free! There was an antique store moving and giving a whole yard full of stuff away. It was a great find! Oh, I'd love to be entered in the giveaway too - my MJF screen name is Tammy Claxon. Thank you!

  11. Hi Kathy!
    My all time fav thrifting was getting a small antique pin cushion. I still have it and bought it at least 20 years ago. It's a wooden bucket that is engraved. It is so cute and special to me that I only have a couple of things I got that long ago and it is one of them.

    Please add me to the contest!
    yarnmamma on MJF


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