Friday, February 13, 2009

Little critters

Dash found the mouse (he was making a racket in the stove drawer) and proceeded to sniff around inside the drawer. And there he was, in plain sight. I removed grill pans etc and he took off but I found a good size stash of dog food in the corner of the drawer. That little bugger! To be truthful he was not little, he's has been eating quite well, thank you very much. So I eliminated the food stash and have not heard him in the kitchen since. I leave the dog dish out at night and I am going to put it up from now on!


  1. They sure are and with the metal cabinets, you would think I would never see any. Well, yes, most of the time I don't see them. lol

  2. Hey, Last time I discovered a mouse in the drawer I stayed on the counter for a week!!!! Kidding!

    Since we've moved to our mini-ranch mouse presents are a daily thing with my cats. Panther (cat) even leaves me good sized wild rabbits..UGGGGGGG!

  3. Whew..dead rabbits.....whew...that is gross! If you don't watch out you will be required to get them a license! Happy hunting, little kiddies! Wish my neighbor had more!


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