Sunday, April 5, 2009

A little excitement today

It was such a beautiful day, I spent a good part of the day outside and it's a good thing. The neighbor kid (30?) was burning a lot of construction materials, wood mostly, and it got away from him as it was getting kinda' windy. He had me running all around our two houses gathering up hoses. Thanks heavens I never put mine away last fall and neither did he. The water spickett is a long way away from the fire area and it took 4 long hoses to reach it. I was getting a bit worried! As I am doing this I see his truck is getting in danger too, surrounded on three sides. So I holler at him about it and he directs me to move it (keys inside). I get in and can't figure out where the gear shift is, then I realize it is an automatic! Wow, I haven't seen an automatic in years. I am wondering what the heck I'm doing as the tank could blow! Gee, I don't think I qualify as a fire person! A little too much excitement on the first Spring like day we've had.

He started the fire in a huge burn barrel but there was trash outside of it in a large pile too. The fields caught even though the ground was rather damp, the weeds were not and it went fast. I guess that is a good lesson, always have a hose ready and that is why I never burn on my property. I was amazed at how fast it spread.


  1. Glad you are okay and also your neighbor...It is so easy for those fires to get out of hand..

  2. oh wowzer! karen, that is scary...I too do not burn on our property, but the ranch behind us does & it does make me nervous!

  3. On, my! That must have been a scare..glad everything worked out.

    OK, I will give you a recommendation to join the local Fire Department, LOL!


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