Saturday, April 11, 2009

Some family, some not

The three pictures on the left are of my maternal grandparents. They lived upstairs in our house as I was growing up. My grandma was Scottish and my grandpa was German. She came to America at the age of 16 and that is a picture of her at that age. He was a logger and panned for gold in Canada and later owned a corner grocery. The tiny one in the center is my mom. And the couple at the center bottom are my maternal great grandparents. (She looks a lot like my daughter.)

The photo at the right top is no one I know. It looks like some special event with all the tags on their lapels. There are two sheriffs and a goat!!! Appears to be their mascot. Hummmm. Not sure I want to try and figure out that one. The lower one is a charcoal drawing by an art teacher. A nice one. This is just my black and white grouping.

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