Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My favorite pottery

I have collected Roseville pottery since the mid 80's and loved it every minute. This is a one corner in my bedroom where I keep some of the pink Roseville.
The little sandpile is from the Oprah gathering I went to in Seattle a few years ago. She and her sponsors were very generous and one of our gifts was this cute box of sand that we could rake and beautify to get in touch with some quiet time. Kinda' fun and it is a reminder of a wonderful day spent with Oprah and my daughter, Tracy. A great 'me' day!


  1. hey Karen,
    luv your Roseville pottery....
    See ya on Friday,,,

  2. Karen,
    I have a few Roseville pieces, but I like yours better, how pretty that is.
    All your plants looks really nice, and is that puppy cute or what??

  3. Unfortunately he is and spoiled to prove it!


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