Friday, October 30, 2009

Hippos in the rain

These are not the clearest pictures as it was raining 'cats
dogs'. I have other pictures of hippos but none of them
out of the water like this.


  1. Love your pics.....keep 'em comming...

  2. Hi Karen, Thank you for visiting my Ranchgirl blog at MaryJanes Farm. I've added your blog to my personal blog list. WOW, the last thing I expected to see when your blog page loaded was AFRICA. How cool!! I've been fascinated with Africa since I was a very small girl. My favorite Xmas gift was a complete jungle set, and I was glued to the TV watching the series 'Daktari'. I bet it was an adventure of a lifetime. Happy Trails sister, Shery Jespersen

  3. Karen,
    Love the guy in the top picture withthe straw hat, pretty funny.
    Nancy Jo


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