Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I've been working on Christmas presents for several weeks and I thought I would do a 'show and tell' of some of the gifts I have made.
This first one is for a chicken lover! :) And she even gets some chicken pot holders.

The oriental one is also for a friend. I am not finished with the pocket, I will be sewing four vintage buttons on it, that are so sweet, perfect matches in the red and black.


  1. Boy Karen, you sure can sew. All those aprons are just so cute.
    Nancy Jo

  2. I just finished posting another apron and thanked you for the vintage buttons I am using....speak of the devil...ha, you must have gotten the vibes!

  3. Karen those are BEAUTIFUL!! Holy cow woman!!

  4. Why thank you 'just another housewife'! I AM having fun!

  5. ah ha! see, aren't aprons addiciting?


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