Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ok, here I go again! Sorry to keep posting aprons and Africa...you must be getting bored! I promise to start posting other things soon. I have three more of these to do and then I am on to quilting....I promise!
I am having fun with these, as I get to use my button stash, lots of vintage buttons to chose from, thanks to my Mom and Nancy Jo (MaryJane Farmgirl).
I delivered two of my aprons (the chickens and the African) yesterday and they were a real hit!


  1. Oh wowzers! what great vibrant colors....
    ok, so it looks like you and I have been doing the same thing...stitchin' up aprons for Christmas gifts! what can I say, 'cept...."Great minds think alike"!
    Merry Christmas to you & Dash.

  2. Just another wild and crazy apron from a color artist extrodinaire! Super seamstress!


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