Thursday, December 17, 2009

This was totally awesome!!! After Kurt and I swam/rock walked out to this section near the edge of the falls, I got a bit squeemish. We were perched on some rocks near the edge and had to dive into a deep pool and make our way to the edge. I don't swim so I really wasn't sure I could do this, as I thought I might just float on over the falls. :O I gathered my fortitude, afterall, how many times would I get to do something like this? Well, I didn't really mean it that way....I know, only once and I could be gone! lol



    I got squeamish just looking at the picture! I would have been grabbing on to a rock, person, or any other object closest to me. YOU ARE BRAVE LOL!

    (cute aprons)

  2. oh yikkies!!!!!!!!!!
    I could never do that! You Rock!

  3. Wow! Just INCREDIBLE!

    Debbie (City Chick - MJF)

  4. You are a brave lady, I got goosebumps just looking at how close to the edge you got. I am so loving your blog & your amazing zest for life.


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